Dentures - Frequently Asked Questions

Will my dentures hurt?

Dentures when they are new need adjustments the secret is to find a Dental prosthetist that will help you through this process. All denture adjustments will be included in the cost. The good news is that 2 or 3 adjustments are all that are needed as a general rule.

What do I do if the denture teeth are the wrong colour or shape when dentures are newly made?

When the dentures were being made and you had a preview in wax of what they were going to look like that’s the time when you should voice your concerns about colour and shape and setting of the Denture teeth. All patients should be asked if they like what they see in a mirror and if they don’t then it should be changed by the dental prosthetist. Patients should have the freedom of choice to get what they really want.

Do Dentures have a use by date?

A -You are wasting your money if you buy 4 partial dentures at a time as over time your teeth are changing and your dentures will then need adding more teeth etc – so 1 partial denture and a spare = 2 partial dentures are all you need.

B - You will not waste your money if you buy 4 complete dentures at a time as over time all that will change is your gums and you can easily have them refitted with a Denture reline.

C - Denture plastics do get brittle and stained over time and start to be costly to be repaired again and again.Some denture cleaners and bleach are to blame. Denture teeth can be chipped and start to breakaway from the brittle denture plastic base they will also wear down.

Will the Plastic Dentures be toxic in my mouth?

Dentures are not created equal. Plastics must be used that have been heat processed and not cold processed to insure that no toxicity is present. Cost of dentures is reflected in what process has been used. Heat processing takes longer and will cost more but plastics become neutral when in the mouth. Cold plastics will have a bitter taste and be cheaper to manufacture. You must ask your dental prosthetist what type of plastic is being used and make a choice heat or cold. Frances only uses heat plastics and not cold plastics in all new dentures. ie full dentures or partial  and denture remodels and denture relines. Her dentures are not bitter.

Can I have a Natural Smile with Dentures?

Yes you can.You need someone that is willing to spend lots of time in making the dentures look as natural as you like. Sometimes pictures help and sometimes its your own individual likes and dislikes that should be listened to.Rushed appointments are not the way to achieve a natural look, you need to find someone who is willing to take the time and who cares about you. You need to ask before you start – How many fitting appointments? – How long are the appointments? – You need to ask others and look at others who have been to the dental prosthetist – Do you like what you see? Take your time in deciding who to go to. Dentures are an expensive investment be wise!!

What's the difference between a Dental Technician and a Dental Prosthetist?

A - We all start off as Dental Technicians and we all work for dentists as Dental Technicians.

B - Being just a Dental Technician means that you can only work under Dentists.

C - If we then study we can become a Dental Prosthetist and work directly with the Public.

D - Some are hybrids that is they work mainly for dentists and also do prosthetic work for the public.they are working as both dental technician and dental prosthetists.

E - Then there are the independent hybrids that only work for the Public and not for the Dentists they are working as both Dental technician and Dental prosthetist only making dentures direct to the public.

F - All Dental technicians and dental prosthetists have certificates of when they qualified everyone should ask to see Qualifications if you are not allowed you should move on.

G - Frances has certificates displayed on her wall you are welcome to check her experience.

H - Frances is an independent Hybrid working only for the public since 1980.

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